The philosophy of Riccardo Freccia Bestetti is totally focused on and around his geniality and that of his clients. indeed between the two protagonists was born a contamination of tastes, desires, ideas, lines, and concepts assossiated with supreme elegance and the calm eccentricity of both. as a result, bestetti made to order shoes became unique because they had the capacity to produce the elegance and praise demanded by both the client and the producing artisan himself.
Exclusive and diverse, noble and majestic, simple and seductive. these are some of the adjectives used by his clients to discribe his shoes.
Beyond the philosophy connected to the personality of shoes, there is also that of achievement. Here too, there are no grey areas. everything is constructed by hand in his factory laboratory in vigevano, a short distance from milan. This is indeed the location of the general headquarters of ricardo freccia bestetti. a headquarters containing fine and rare top quality skins, exclusive pigments, and specialised equipment appertaining to the world of shoe making of bygone eras. it is a headquarters distant from any entrepreneurial logic, and finally, it is a headquarters able to distance itself from any ill advisors, for whom the rush is for mechanisation.
Riccardo Bestetti